Chipmunk 22 LR Rifles




00003 .22LR Black Laminate Blued Barrel
10003 .22LR Black Laminate Stainless Steel Barrel


00004 .22LR Brown Laminate Blued Barrel
10004 .22LR Brown Laminate Stainless Steel Barrel



00005 .22LR Camo Laminate Blued Barrel
10005 .22LR Camo Laminate Stainless Steel Barrel




00001 .22LR Walnut Blued Barrel
10001 .22LR Walnut Stainless Steel Barrel



00002 .22LR Walnut Deluxe Blued Barrel
10002 .22LR Walnut Deluxe Stainless Steel Barrel




Left Handed


0001LH .22LR Left Hand Blued
**Left handed models are ONLY available with a Walnut Stock and a Blued Barrel at this time.**